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Tanning While Pregnant

I had a friend that tanned during the warm summer months.  It was so cute to see her evenly tan baby bump.  When she gave birth, her tan became darker as the stretched skin sprung back.   Have you ever wondered if it is ok to tan while you are Pregnant?  There are studies out there that link UV rays with folic acid deficiency.  Have you ever wondered if you would be more susceptible to burning or a pigment change?  These are questions that you can discuss with your physician.  Perhaps, monitorization of your folic acid will be needed or a suggestion of self-tanning sprays or creams as long as you don’t inhale the midst floating in the air.  It is important to double check the active ingredient in all tanning products.  A high concentration of dihdroxyacetone may be found in some products that carry caution for you during this time.  It is encouraged to wait on tanning until the after your first trimester for safety reasons.  In that first trimester, you baby is developing the nervous system, the heart, face, arms and legs, muscle movements and more.  A good discussion with your physician will keep you informed of the do’s and the don’ts.  Tanning beds and sauna’s can raise your temperature like a hot day out in the sun.   I pulled a few articles for you to take with you to your appointment to discuss with your physician.   It is a new adventure for you and your baby, enjoy your pregnancy with safety.

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