Online Pregnancy Course

by Dr. Lindemann

Dr. Lindemann has created a course on how to avoid some of the common medical complications in your pregnancy. The information provided here can help you make well-informed decisions so you can make fully engaged choices about the kinds of pregnancy you want for you and your baby


Dr. Alan Lindemann

I have delivered over 6000 babies in my many years as an obstetric  physician, but I have had no maternal deaths. I avoided many of the chronic pregnancy problems in my patients by paying careful attention to what they were telling me. Too many doctors treat pregnant women like problems, not people. They don’t take the time to listen to their stories, listen to their concerns, or thoroughly answer their questions.

Many of my patients came to me because I would listen to what they had to say. I’m the first to admit that my advice, for example, on how to manage nausea in pregnancy, is based largely upon what I learned by listening to my patients. My patients helped me gained valuable insight into what turns a high risk pregnancy into a low risk one.

Your safety as a patient may well depend upon your knowing some of the things I’ve learned over the years. With my Pregnancy Your Way supporter group, I will be able to address questions you may have and share what I have learned with you.

My goal is for every woman who becomes pregnant to have access to the kinds of information needed for her to steer her pregnancy and delivery towards the best possible outcome for herself and her family.


Welcome to My
Pregnancy Your Way Supporter Group!

One of the things I learned as a student and resident, is that in obstetrics you can have a lot to say about your outcome. In other words, you can pick your outcome much of the time—not all of the time—but certainly about 90% of the time. Pregnant women so often feel they shouldn’t question the expert, the obstetrician. My goal is to provide pregnant women a safe arena where they can freely ask questions about their choices in their pregnancy and delivery. I can’t offer you medical advice, but I can tell you about my experiences with the 6000 babies I delivered.

In today’s medical environment, it is very difficult to raise questions about your choices of care. I want to encourage women to have the confidence to trust in themselves and the decisions they make about their care.

Obstetrics isn’t about disease.

It’s about preserving your and your baby’s good health.

Thank you for joining my Pregnancy Your Way supporter group!