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Dr. Lindemann Interviews Midwife Paulette Efimenko

Dr. Lindemann has always had a good working relationship with the midwives in his area.  He was delighted to be able to interview Paulette Efimenko about her practice in rural North Dakota. Dr. Lindemann interviews physicians, and in this case a midwife, on his site Doctales.com, where he can share stories with other physicians about the practice of medicine.


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One of the things I learned as a student and resident, is that in obstetrics you can have a lot to say about your outcome. In other words, you can pick your outcome much of the time—not all of the time—but certainly about 90% of the time. Pregnant women so often feel they shouldn’t question the expert, the obstetrician. My goal is to provide pregnant women a safe arena where they can freely ask questions about their choices in their pregnancy and delivery. I can’t offer you medical advice, but I can tell you about my experiences with the 6000 babies I delivered.

In today’s medical environment, it is very difficult to raise questions about your choices of care. I want to encourage women to have the confidence to trust in themselves and the decisions they make about their care.

Obstetrics isn’t about disease.

It’s about preserving your and your baby’s good health.

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